November 11, 2016

Peaceful in Burano

Such a colorful and paintable island, where handmade lace is still a big attraction. I am planning to paint a larger version of this set of residences, along with the boat moored at the canal in front. Oils, 8×8

Orvieto Ristorante

On a market day in Orvieto, we were scouting out possible restaurants for later and came upon this inviting, beautiful spot. Had to paint it, hands down! Oils on linen, 11X14

Lunchtime at Tucci’s, Piazza Navona, Rome

How characteristically Rome, to sit at Tucci’s and people watch while gazing at amazing Bernini statues and fountains. Only the handsome waiters are selected to hawk passersby into the restaurant. Oils on linen, 16X20 Contact me for prices for giclees or prints on canvas or