January 7, 2017

Out of Cigars, Piazza Navona

I caught this gentleman sneaking into the cigar store in Rome on the Piazza Navona. I imagine he is hiding his habit from his wife. 8×8 Oils

Ristorante Tre Porte, (Castellina in Chianti)

I fell in love with this tiny town in Chianti when a few of us veered off tour and discovered it. This restaurant, along with Silvia’s grocery had to be captured on canvas. 11×14 Oils on Linen  

Benvenuti in Pienza

Who would not feel welcome passing through a stoop lined with beautiful geraniums to get to the front door? A lovely residence in Pienza Italy–all decked out! 16×20 Oils on Linen $900

At the Market, Orvieto

The Wednesday market in Orvieto is rich with amazing colors, smells, and items to bargain about! The flowers, vegetables, textiles, meats, and cheeses arouse all the senses. I had to capture this transaction on canvas, and loved the mix of peonies and vegetables. 16×20 Oils