Rocky Breakers in El Salvador

The beauty of the rock formations and how the waves broke against them drew me to paint this seascape.

Awash with Roses, St. Cyprien

An inspirational residence in St. Cyprien on the rue Verdanson, a quiet little street off the path of the Sunday market. The abundance of roses

Blue Window with Red Ivy

This was the first in the series of windows and doors of France and Italy that I painted in oils. I loved the colors and the hidden blue pot that

After Sunday Market in St. Cyprien (France)

This lovely residence is right near the small park where the Sunday market begins in earnest in St. Cyprien. While exploring the town after the

Ancient Blue Door, Italy

I loved the architectural interest as well as the bold turquoise color of this door in Italy. The detailed carvings that withstood the test of

Bushels of Color at Cler Fleurs, Paris

An institution on rue Cler in Paris, Cler Fleurs puts on a beautiful show and display every day!

Red Door, St. Cyprien France

On a trip to the Dordogne, in the town called St. Cyprien, my dear friend and I stumbled on this charming residence with a striking red door. I

Garden Contemplation

The promise of lavender blooming always draws me in–and a big beautiful bench with cushy pillows and a book are even more inviting.

Menu à Prix Fixe in Sarlat, France

Sarlat is a beautifully preserved medieval city, with many arched pathways and cobblestone alleys. Restaurants abound and commonly wrap around

Afternoon Stroll in Montegiove, Umbria (Italy)

While in Umbria, we visited this small town and discovered several beautiful doors and scenes to paint. Our dear Italian friend Oriana sent us

Serenity with Mild Seas

I loved the porch and the swing, in addition to the view here. The lonely mojito was also calling…

Cafe at Chateau Milandes

A great touring option in the Dordogne is to visit Chateau Milandes, which overlooks the river valley, and was the home of Josephine Baker. It

Blue Door with Opalescent Walls

The curvy vintage steps, beautifully colored stains on the walls, and the peeling plaster over centuries old construction are irresistible for

Geraniums Thrive in Orvinio

This beautiful old wooden door to the courthouse in Orvinio, Italy, the intriguing archway and stairs inside, and the vibrant geraniums cried out

Healthy Life on the Table

The vibrant colors of the fruits and vegetables, the soft warm tan color of the eggs, and the richness of the wood bowl were crying out to be

Pond at Giverny

This is a classic view of the pond from a wonderful visit to Monet’s Garden during May, 2012. It was such a peaceful and graceful

Tranquil Ocean Dreams

I thoroughly enjoyed painting the 5th most beautiful beach in the world. Salines beach on St. Barth’s island. The sky and the water were amazing,

Orvieto B&B with Espalier

We came upon this beautiful little B&B while strolling through Orvieto–which may have been my favorite town while touring Umbria and

Corner of Old Town Le Bugue, France

This is a special niche in the very old part of Le Bugue in the Dordogne. It is located on a lovely, narrow cobblestone “street” that

Hidden Sunlit Garden

This scene drew me in for the positive light in the back rather than the mystique of the darkness usually behind the doors and windows.

Aubergine Door in Provence

I imagine the Chateau caretaker lives here, and is cooking up something fabulous for lunch behind the aubergine door! I enjoyed painting the

Sitting Pretty in Purple

This painting was inspired by a lovely vignette just outside my favorite French restaurant in Occoquan, Virginia, Bistro l’Hermitage.

Celia’s Pansy

My dear friend Celia had this exquisite pansy on her front porch in Lake Ridge. I was inspired by the beautiful blues in the petals.

Inviting Patio in Umbria, Italy

When hiking through the charming hilltop town of Montegabbione, Umbria, we came upon this serene place with the table and chairs placed just

Adrift in Crystalline Turquoise Waters

This scene of an old wooden boat partially floating and on shore was so calming and the translucent turquoise water was so cooling, I wanted to

Rose Etagere

This is another vignette from a beautiful rose shop on the Boulevard St. Germain in Paris. Such inspiring and stunning design.

Eric’s Zen Patio

Here is my completed commissioned painting “Eric’s Zen Patio“, 16X20 oils on deep linen canvas.

At Home Overlooking Monpazier Market Square

Monpazier is a special bastide town in the Dordogne region of France, and has an enclosed market square with wonderful shops and restaurants

The Emperor’s Kamata Tapestry Tree Peony

My garden’s first flowers of spring are the Japanese tree peonies I have been cultivating for more than a dozen years. When fully opened,

63 Rue Marie

I am always amazed at how the French are able to grow such huge ivy geraniums in regular containers–and they decorate the exteriors of

Afternoon Sunshine in Tuscan Hayfield

This distant Tuscan hayfield on a beautiful sunny day was photographed by a treasured friend and we painted it together. The textures and

Front Rose Seat

This is another simpler vignette from the St. Germain rose shop–with the chair a more vibrant verdigris, and lighter colored roses in the

Coffee and Sunrise in Cancun

Cancun in February–not good enough by itself. But a sunrise that is just as rich and colorful as a sunset viewed from the loggia attached

Shakespeare and Roses on rue Cler, Paris

This irresistible and classy rose shop is on one of the best market streets in Paris, rue Cler. Even when Paris skies are gloomy, this rose shop

Hydrangeas In A Verdigris Pot

This hydrangea in an old pot with petunias curling around it made me feel like I was in a dream garden. The old pot was fun to paint as it popped

Sunny Window in Provence

I loved the bright sunlight reflecting off the window panes, and the luminescence of the stone building basking in the sun. Again, the French

Trois Pink Tree Peonies

Companions to the wisteria-colored Kamata Tapestry tree peony are my prolific Kamata-fuji double deep pinks. They are my favorite harbinger of

St. Germain Rose Shop

A lovely vignette inside a Paris rose shop I visited during the fall of 2014. The manager was so kind to let me photograph her beautiful designs,