Plum Crazy for Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas of three different colors straight from 3 different bushes in our gardens! They had to co-star with these beautiful plums…the plums have it, I think! 11×14 oils on linen $350

Simply Peachy

I found these very colorful and large peaches at the store…funny how you shop differently for fruit when they are to star in a painting! 8×8 oils $225

Granny on a Franciscan Plate

This large Granny Smith perched on a Franciscan Apple plate took center stage for the still life. The plate was fun to paint too! 8×8 oils $225

Plum Juicy

These beautiful plump plums were stars of the show, and were incredibly sweet and juicy when the painting was finished! 8×8 oils $225

Citrus Splash!

What a great combination to have these navel oranges sitting pretty with the opalescent turquoise glass bowl from my cupboard. Got the oranges to shine as well! 8×8 oils $225

Serenity in St. Emilion (France)

On our way to the ancient city center, we passed by this lovely residence on a narrow cobblestone side street. So lovely to live there! 10×20 Oils on Canvas  

Out My Front Door

This is from a photo taken from my front door…it was sunset and a storm was brewing. The light and the oranges and yellows, contrasted with the rich blue of the sky and the smokey clouds rolling in were amazing! 18×24 Oils on linen

Out of Cigars, Piazza Navona

I caught this gentleman sneaking into the cigar store in Rome on the Piazza Navona. I imagine he is hiding his habit from his wife. 8×8 Oils

Ristorante Tre Porte, (Castellina in Chianti)

I fell in love with this tiny town in Chianti when a few of us veered off tour and discovered it. This restaurant, along with Silvia’s grocery had to be captured on canvas. 11×14 Oils on Linen  

Benvenuti in Pienza

Who would not feel welcome passing through a stoop lined with beautiful geraniums to get to the front door? A lovely residence in Pienza Italy–all decked out! 16×20 Oils on Linen $900