At Home in Monpazier

Right next door to the florist in Monpazier, we spied this lovely residence, which must have beautiful flowers out front at all times! Again using the new palette… 16×20 Oils on Linen $900

Sitting Pretty with Pitcher

I am toying with a completely new palette, and painted this kitty while practicing for a commissioned painting. I took some license with his demeanor. 9×12 Oils $250

Red Door, St. Leon sur Vezere

We discovered this town in the Dordogne, one of the most beautiful villages in France. This residence was too charming not to paint! 16×20 Oils on Linen $900

French Market Strawberries

The strawberries in the Dordogne are quite famous for they are just naturally sweet, very juicy, and red through and through! Parisians covet them and we know why! 11×14 oils on linen   $350

Fleuriste in Monpazier

How wonderful it would be to live next door to the Monpazier florist, right outside the bastide town’s outer protective wall! Had to paint this gem of a shop, the first we stumbled upon visiting Monpazier this past spring! 11×14 oils on linen $350

Plum Crazy for Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas of three different colors straight from 3 different bushes in our gardens! They had to co-star with these beautiful plums…the plums have it, I think! 11×14 oils on linen $350

Simply Peachy

I found these very colorful and large peaches at the store…funny how you shop differently for fruit when they are to star in a painting! 8×8 oils $225

Granny on a Franciscan Plate

This large Granny Smith perched on a Franciscan Apple plate took center stage for the still life. The plate was fun to paint too! 8×8 oils $225

Plum Juicy

These beautiful plump plums were stars of the show, and were incredibly sweet and juicy when the painting was finished! 8×8 oils $225

Citrus Splash!

What a great combination to have these navel oranges sitting pretty with the opalescent turquoise glass bowl from my cupboard. Got the oranges to shine as well! 8×8 oils $225